Almost there, I think.

I am 109,000 words into The Cadetship at the moment and I’ve never felt better about it. The last two months have been unbelieveable in terms of what I can produce🙂 So far I think I might have this work done in a month’s time max. I’m at a stage where I feel like I’m almost done, but yo know, I might be wrong. I know how my book ends I just need to get there🙂

How I’ve managed to write over a 100,000 words.

The book I’ve been writing about for the last two months non-stop has gotten to the point where it has passed the word counts of my other projects and it might even be my longest yet. It’s going to be 100,000 words within a few days and I feel really good about this one🙂 I’ve enjoyed writing it so much. I can’t wait to edit it.

I’ve managed to write this book around my work schedule. Which is as follows;

  • 8am:          wake up and write.
  • 11.30am:    the first of two split shifts.
  • 2.30pm:     come home and write.
  • 6pm:          do the night shift.
  • 10.30pm:   come home, chill and sleep.
  • REPEAT for about two/three months and it’s almost written (this includes a days where I have taken a break).

Time is linear


What would you regret if you knew you were never going to do it? Did you always want to write a novel? Complete a painting? Visit that place?

Time is linear. You can’t take it back. You can’t store it. Hoping you can save it for the future. It is always passing and you can either do something you want with it or use it wanting to do something with it. One is the outcome of results, the other isn’t.