Where do I get my ideas from?


I’m not too sure where they come from. But when an original ‘idea’ appears, it just seemingly sprouts from my mind.


I can definitely tell an organic sprout to one that I’m intentionally trying to make. It’s just not the same. Too . . . fake? Or maybe to me, it seems too contrived? I think that is the word. But I can tell that it is not original or as good as other stories. They are the ones that I push to the side in favour of others.

How these ideas come to me is a bit of a mystery. I think it might be a combination of my personality, imagination and how I see the world. In the last few years since I’ve stepped up my writing and developed my critical eye, I’ve taken to having the opinion that a lot of YA novels have a premise that I would never pick because it just seems too implausible. I’m more of a grounded reality type of storyteller. Which I know is a bit off seeing as I write fiction.

Besides the fact that I really enjoy writing, I think that fact that I also use it as a means of understanding the world around me is a great influence. Because to write characters and stories one has to know the world somewhat.


3rd Wedding Anniversary with Lovely Chris

Today marks the 3rd year, Chris and I have been married for and we have spent most of it in Edinburgh. We decided to do the touristy thing and go to Edinburgh Castle. For three years we haven’t done that as we figured we’d always get around to it some other time. I really enjoyed it, even with it snowing midway through the day 🙂

wedding (5)

How I not market

I’m pretty shite when it comes to marketing. Yeah, I’ve got a blog, but have you gone through it? It’s not that impressive. However, I am a lot better at writing. My strategy is that I continue to put out works and eventually build up an impressive list, like maybe 15-20 titles. Sooner or later some of them are going to take off . . . right? That’s how you become a famous author . . . right? And then it stimulates sales for the others, that’s how you get rich  . . . right?

Actually, as time goes on and as I build my portfolio I figure I’d start to get over my shyness and expand into the internet ether. I know eventually, I’m going to have to jump but . . . just one more book.

But four titles in and I’m only now starting to put myself out there. For the most part, I just keep to myself. I’m a really shy person and combine that with preferring my own company you get the recipe for someone who’s really productive with their writing 🙂 I mean like God damn! No way would I have accomplished as much as I have if it wasn’t for my personality.


No, seriously I know eventually that I’m going to have to put out ads and talk to people but there is always tomorrow.



How good of a writer are you?

I think I’m pretty decent, I have, I am and I do manage to write draft after draft and I have enough of a critical eye that when I look back on my work I can see what needs to change. However, I also know I’ve been in situations where I have overestimated my skill level and have been disappointed during a draft.

But I also know that I’m not like other writers. I won a few creative writing awards as a child, but not as an adult. I’m going to self-publishing route, not the traditional one. Both have their own journeys and skill sets.