When life interferes

I wanna write my words.

I don’t want my time stolen by another person’s dream.

I wanna live in the moment and carefree.

I don’t want to worry about my old age.

I wanna have job that pays my way.

I don’t want to be stuck in a job.

I wanna have people’s positive energy.

I don’t want to deal with their negativity.

I wanna joyfully reminisce about my accomplishments.

I don’t want to live for future regret.

I don’t want all this to mean nothing.



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How clouds are made in Holland

While in Holland we saw how both regular clouds and storm clouds are made. Observe below.

Regular white fluffy clouds are being produced. It is so that Holland can have the classic cloudy European look.


We experienced days of clear weather and so it was nessecary that storm clouds then be produced to ensure rain would occur. You can see the transormation from white to dark.


And here are what the wind turbines are actually used for – directing which way the clouds drift. All the re-newable energy stuff is a con 🙂

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