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New book coming :)

I’m working on another novella. It’s not exactly dystopian, but it has a lot of elements of it. It’s set in a futuristic world on foreign planets that have recently been involved in civil unrest and conflict. The story follows Lone Honora, a young adult who as a child escaped the civil war on her home planet of Vauban and moved to a neighboring planet called Nova Vita. But due to the political climate she and her family have been reduced to boarder-line second class citizens as they attempt to rebuild their lives. With the onset of her mother’s cancer diagnosis, which is not covered by the Nova Vita government, Lone resorts to stealing from her workplace to fund it.

Then she gets caught and is sent to jail. Once there she finds that she is losing control of her life it starts to fall apart. And then life begins to take a even worse direction. A secret, her long held secret appears to resurfacing. A secret that will destroy what is left of her precious life.

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My Cousin Megan Bookcover issues

I just uploaded my second book – My Cousin Megan. Amazon seems to have accepted the book cover image I submitted but Smashwords did not. So I had to go back and make a second one that wasn’t as good as the first one. It was the pixel issue. The image I used was a medium-sized one I got from, but the sizing was out of whack I guess. You can’t tell really. So I downloaded the large size, which made all the fonts in Pixlr seem too small, even after I changed the image sizing down the the 2400 pix wide they require.

This the final image I wanted to use.


And here is the second I had to make up on the fly 😦 It’s not as good.


Damn you smashwords, why you so difficult sometimes?

But I seemed to have had a smaple download within the first minute. So the image is luring people in I think 🙂

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Trying to find the right YA book cover image

My novella Mental Notes is feeling pretty good, maybe only a few more drafts away from completion, and so I’m looking for a cover image that’ll suit it. Which by the way can be pretty difficult. I’m not designer. I can’t take decent photos for shit and I’d probably frustrate any photographer that I’m too poor and cheap to never hire. But I can use to put text over an already decent image I would have gotten from Good enough 🙂

Currently I have a bunch of images saved in a folder sitting there waiting to be chosen for this task. But the problem is that some are decent pictures in their own context of implying young adult themes. Others are prefered by me subjectively, while objectively others might be better.

While looking online for advice on the best image for my book. I came across this little gem of an article. It talks about all the jobs an image and author has to do to convey what the book is about.

I’ve also put a list of sites that would help (or confuse) someone in regards to YA book covers.