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Potato chips in my books?

I came across a new phrase in creative writing today. Potato chip chapters. I just heard about it in a series of new youtube videos I’m watching. It’s mentioned at around 6.50. It means that your chapters are really short. I do write my stories with short chapters because I don’t pad them out with superfluous words. I guess you could say that most of my stories have potato chips in them 🙂

Crunch, crunch.

I went and looked for more information on these types of chapters and haven’t come across much. There is this reference from 2015, the video was from mid-2016. It seems that it’s a rare phrase. The article mentions that their opinion of chip chapters was 2,000 words, but some of mine are only half that. My scenes are short and to the point. What can I say?

There is another article that talks about this in more depth. It’s really good, has a lot of information on about story writing and structure as well 🙂


Second draft of Jump Start complete

This seemed a doozy to edit. It gave me the impression that I semi-rushed through in writing the novella to begin with. There were some pages that were nothing but red track changes and I was like what? Why is this so bad? And the last seven pages were torture. I seemed to be going through them painfully slow 😦 But it’s done and I still need to write an

But it’s done and I still need to write an epilogue or resolution. For some reason, I seem to be dragging my feet when it comes to that. Anyway I ended up adding just under 2,000 words. I still don’t have an estimate of when it’s coming out but hopefully by the end of the year.


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Let the eighth month begin

Currently, I’m working on more projects than I have ever done before (I gotta reach that goal of 10 books by 30). There are moments that stretch longer than they should, where I feel overwhelmed by what I’m doing. I have all these stories in my head that are not written down and that is what gets to me. I can only do one thing at a time!

But then I calm down knowing that there is nothing I can really do about it. Stressing means no work as opposed to some and as long as I keep notes of what I want to happen in my future stories then it’s going to be all ok.

But once I have my first draft down it becomes a wonderful feeling that a story is becoming whole. Then the rest of the work begins. Revising, editing, modifying, the time-sucking soul-destroying torture process that is another draft, whatever you want to call it beings. But that can be for another day as I have another story to word vomit all over my computer.