Writers, in case you’re worried about 2018


Negative Motivation will get your story written

Do you think about how great your story is? How much you need to get it out into the world? How much money you’ll make? Does it just make you not write?


Well, maybe you need to be motivated by using the fear of punishment.

Imagine having written something that has gotten you a whole bunch one-star reviews. They’re saying that you got something wrong or that it’s just not good enough. You may even be lucky enough to get a youtube review saying it’s one of the worst books ever written.

But wait, that would mean you would have had to have written something first.

If you haven’t accomplished that goal yet then place yourself in this scenario.

Imagine never finishing even writing that book. Imagine never being the writer you wanted. Imagine that your creative side had been held hostage by the non-creatives of the world.

Feels like shit, doesn’t it?

Well, want to not feel shit? You need to sit down and write something. Use the fear of one-star reviews to force yourself to plot your story that extra bit. Do that twentieth draft, even though you just want to self-publish it anyway. If someone posts a youtube video complaining, then you know that their distaste is because of opinion and not your writing craft.

Use your fear of failure as fuel to light your passion for writing 🙂

New home in time for Xmas

It’s been a month since I returned to Edinburgh and I have barely written anything. We had a bit of trouble finding stable accommodation. We’ve been staying in motels, a friend’s large cupboard and then his room while he was gone, but now we’ve moved into a new place that does month by month rent.

Finding a place in Edinburgh has been really difficult. I never realized that it was going to be this hard. I can see how people become a bit homeless sometimes 😦 So many places also employed the tactic of requesting money first before even seeing the room. Yikes!! No way!

It was stressful and a bit depressing, but now that we’ve moved into this new place I should be calming down and getting into a routine. I’ve also had to take the bus to work now 😦 I wish I lived closer, but it’s just too expensive 😦

I was hoping to have one of my novella’s out for the new year, but I do not think that is going to happen 😦 I have a new appreciation for those writers who have to commute to work a lot.

Only 6 days until Xmas.