Beyond This Little Moon of Ours (In progress)

Science Fiction, Dystopian, Young Adult

Not a year after her mother’s passing, Medina’s dear brother Cari disappears on a solo space flight. How he vanished is what matters most to everyone around her, but not her. She wants to know why? Was it his of his own free will? Or maybe by the actions of another? Rumors of his possible involvement with the terrorist organisation called Reclaim is another blow to her and everyone’s opinion of him.

The Azeel Offworlders, members of a distance space empire, are beginning to focus a lot of their attention on the already fragile Darra family. Prior to this incident, there had been no warning signs that Cari might have been a sympathiser. It appears that he might have befallen a tragic accident, but Medina’s recent rekindled relationship with her estranged Aunt indicates otherwise. Another person of interest rumored to be a sympathiser of Reclaim, yet with no solid evidence, Yara is a woman like no other in Medina’s life. The owner of her own mechanics business, the only independent female businessman in their world, she stands out to everyone. Is this a sign of more things to come or is she just a local anomaly. The more time Medina spends with Yara, the more suspicious she becomes to the powerful Offworlders.