The Cadetship (coming soon)

Cover TBA

young adult, science fiction.

Sixteen year old Ilona Castor has spent her entire life hiding. Even this name and identity she inhabits is not her own, but an amalgamation of her adoptive family’s past tragedy. After the death of her mother, Ilona has spent the last seven years in deep space surviving through smuggling and the illegal mining of asteroids. But with her ship’s eventual capture she is flung into a new world, agreeing to complete a military cadet course in exchange for the dropping of criminal charges. Initially veiwing it as slightly better alternative to a prison sentence, she is pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is she well prepared for the courses onboard the Liberty, but she excels at them.

Her dream of becoming the captain of her own crew and ship looks to be met through the experiences and education she recieves here. Her plan is to continue moving through the universe, forever alluding her father; the man who killed her mother. Her young childhood having been blighted by his pursute of her and her mother’s death. But her miraculous escape and disapearence has not hindered his efforts, only postponed them. To her horror she discovers that the ship she has been sent to is captained by him.

Her family’s lifestyle may have offered her protection and the ability to elude him, but now stationary in one place is that even possible anymore? She knows his location, but is it only a matter of time before he finds her?