20 Days of blog posts: Day 16

Wednesday, 15 November, ’17

I did nothing but edit Save One for 11 hours today. I started at 8am and finished at 9pm. It has been one of the most productive days in a long while. All up I only did about 30-40 pages. I finished the third draft 🙂

There were times when I was getting distracted by the internet, but I was motivated by the thought of disappointment. It’s a massive motivation, don’t knock it until you’ve imagined yourselves failing. I’m serious.


20 Days of blog posts: Day 8

Tuesday, 7th November ’17

Another disappointing day. I think I have only edited a total of 5? pages. For a few hours, my rate was an hour for a page 😦 My writing is fine it was just my head. I’m thinking that the moment I catch up to what I’ve already written and need to change over to finishing the rest of the story is weighing on me.

I have another 10 pages to edit and then it’s story and plot planning. I think I might do a series of dot points in terms of what is supposed to happen (Heads up I still do not know exactly how the story is going to end, maybe I’ll surprise myself).

I have also been thinking of putting one of my books on CreateSpace. I think that despite my minimal marketing I am losing out on sales. But I do not know what book to do first. I feel like I’m at a precipice.

I am also starting to think a lot about Save One. I think because the novella is already completed. I think I have also settled on a cover image as well. It’s a close-up face of a young woman. I’m not too sure how I’ll display the text but I’m going to be using white space seeing as the image is already black and white.

First month back in Australia

I arrived back in Australia at the beginning of September. I spent my first week in Melbourne and then returned to Queensland. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was going to use this time between visas as a cheap arse writing retreat since I have the luxury of not having to work.

In the first two weeks, I didn’t write shit 😦

I was really bummed about it too. Like why wasn’t I in the mood to write or edit? It’s not like I had stories that needed work. So for days I was in an ‘erh’ mood and then one day boom, I had a thought and I liked it and now I’ve written 10,000 words for it. This is another Sci-Fi novella. Then I had another idea and wrote like 5,000 words in one day 😀 That was two days ago.

It’s strange how finding a story happens. I think that maybe soft Sci-Fi is turning out to be my preferred genre.