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Another story, another draft

Gotta get to my goal of 10 stories by the age of 30! It’s been about a week or two where I’ve been lazy about my writing. So now I’ve forced myself to get back into a novella that I wrote on the fly a month or so ago. I’m thinking I might change the name, but I’ll see how I feel about it closer to completion.


Second draft of Jump Start complete

This seemed a doozy to edit. It gave me the impression that I semi-rushed through in writing the novella to begin with. There were some pages that were nothing but red track changes and I was like what? Why is this so bad? And the last seven pages were torture. I seemed to be going through them painfully slow 😦 But it’s done and I still need to write an

But it’s done and I still need to write an epilogue or resolution. For some reason, I seem to be dragging my feet when it comes to that. Anyway I ended up adding just under 2,000 words. I still don’t have an estimate of when it’s coming out but hopefully by the end of the year.


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Let the eighth month begin

Currently, I’m working on more projects than I have ever done before (I gotta reach that goal of 10 books by 30). There are moments that stretch longer than they should, where I feel overwhelmed by what I’m doing. I have all these stories in my head that are not written down and that is what gets to me. I can only do one thing at a time!

But then I calm down knowing that there is nothing I can really do about it. Stressing means no work as opposed to some and as long as I keep notes of what I want to happen in my future stories then it’s going to be all ok.

But once I have my first draft down it becomes a wonderful feeling that a story is becoming whole. Then the rest of the work begins. Revising, editing, modifying, the time-sucking soul-destroying torture process that is another draft, whatever you want to call it beings. But that can be for another day as I have another story to word vomit all over my computer.

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What am I doing?

Just this morning when I sat down and wrote out a list of things I need to do with my stories. I found that quarterly year goal plan I had was out the door and down the flight of stairs with a bag. It’s almost August here in Edinburgh which means that it’s festival time and it’s going to be super duper busy. I’m going to be doing six days a week 😦

Anway, back to the plan I threw away. I made a list to keep track of things and boy, do I have a lot of things to do. I’ve got two novellas and a novelette to finish editing, plus another three novellas to finish at least in the planning stage because I gave up part way through. My bad.

I have a goal of publishing two more stories this year and with only four more months left I’m going to have to start pushing myself even more.

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Useful tips for writing and editing

I wandered across this list of writing advice and number 17 was about not being distracted. Which was funny because I am currently on the second draft of Jumpstart and switching between internet pages. I mean sweet Jesus, I must have rushed writing this manuscript because from chapter nine onwards it’s 50 to 70% red from track changes. I must have skipped adding some sentences because some times I don’t know what I’m the fuck I’m trying to say.


Second draft example


My memory of completing this manuscript was of joy because I had actually finished it. But god damn. I’m only halfway through this edit. I think the only thing of decent quality relating to this story is the cover image I managed to create. Hopefully, after I tear this baby apart it’ll be better on the next edit.


A new novella is created

It’s 1.30am Edinburgh time and judging by the date of this post, I just finished a 31,000 novella in 24 days! I’ve been saving over the file so I don’t have exact dates. But that’s damn impressive 🙂

I’ve changed the main character’s name because it was annoying to write it as I kept spelling it wrong. I’ve thought up a title that I think will stick, I know what I’m changing in my next edit and I’m getting together some images that may help me with picking a cover image.

I’m telling you the more I write the better and faster my first drafts come into being 🙂