The Things We Do (4th draft done)


I just finished the last 10 pages of this novella. It just seemed to go on and on 😦 At 25,000 words it’s not that long, but I’m impatient and with my goal of 10 books by the age of 30, I need to push myself.

Even now as I look back to my first book Feet or Fins, I did like 14 or 15 whole manuscript edits. It was twice as long and I don’t think I was this fussy about the whole process.

know first drafts are supposed to be terrible, but I was thinking that I was getting a lot better at writing because of how much I have progressed. I’m just wondering how many more times I’m going to have to go over this story.



20 Days of blog posts: Day 10

Thursday, 9th November ’17:

pretty much did nothing related to writing until the night, where I set about doing a very rough plot points for the story. I have worked out the backstory and the future events. I have a somewhat decent plot outline. I think it’s pretty good, but I’m going to have to let others read it first.

20 Days of blog posts: Day 9

Wednesday, 8th November ’17

For most of the day, I thought that it would be a write off. I only got four pages done before I had dinner. Before that, the most productive thing I had done was uninstall the Sims 3.

But then boom!

I zoomed through the next four pages, I came up with a decent plot add-in for my story and fixed that into the chapter I was up to. It is going to push the story forward a lot. It seems that late night is when I’m most productive.

I feel good about tomorrow’s work, I have had a major breakthrough 🙂 I think it has decent enough symbolism and a message. Here’s hoping to me having the first draft of this story done within a month 🙂


20 Days of blog posts: Day 8

Tuesday, 7th November ’17

Another disappointing day. I think I have only edited a total of 5? pages. For a few hours, my rate was an hour for a page 😦 My writing is fine it was just my head. I’m thinking that the moment I catch up to what I’ve already written and need to change over to finishing the rest of the story is weighing on me.

I have another 10 pages to edit and then it’s story and plot planning. I think I might do a series of dot points in terms of what is supposed to happen (Heads up I still do not know exactly how the story is going to end, maybe I’ll surprise myself).

I have also been thinking of putting one of my books on CreateSpace. I think that despite my minimal marketing I am losing out on sales. But I do not know what book to do first. I feel like I’m at a precipice.

I am also starting to think a lot about Save One. I think because the novella is already completed. I think I have also settled on a cover image as well. It’s a close-up face of a young woman. I’m not too sure how I’ll display the text but I’m going to be using white space seeing as the image is already black and white.

20 Days of blog posts: Day 3

Thursday, 2nd November ’17: Day 3

It just occurred to me that this is the most similar thing to a diary that I’ve kept. In the past, I’ve attempted trying to keep one but I just felt that it was a waste of my time. I felt that it wasn’t going anywhere for me. Even though people recommend that writers keep one. So anyway here was what I did with my day;

  • 9am: start editing the Chloris. spent that time getting perpetually distracted by the internet.
    • watched a lot of youtube videos about writing and storytelling.
    • wrote a blog post for the Tune Trilogy.
  • 10:30pm: edited about 16 pages. I’m just at chapter nine. I feel that I didn’t do as much as I could have, even though some pages alone took twenty minutes to edit. For some reason when I hit no. seven the editing got easier (or I lowered my standards) 😦 I have another seven chapter to get through before I reach the end of what I’ve written. I think I might be only a quarter or third of the way through.

Fourth draft of Jumpstart completed

iStock-669387114_1Yesterday I finished another edit of Jumpstart. It’s a prequel novelette for this sci-fi and paranormal adventure story I thought of some time earlier this year. I haven’t even worked out where the book will end or what the next one in the series will be about, but I’ll work it out later.

The series was going to be called Odine King’s Big Space Adventure, but I changed that a few days ago to the Tune Trilogy.

The premise revolves around a young woman who has the ability to communicate with spirits, hence the tune references (get it? Tune into the spiritual world). She is also fluent in a second alien language, Dalradian, that she uses as a means to escape her homeworld and go off into space for an adventure and employment prospects. She is employed as a private translator for a business ship that has the goal of setting up independent trade relations with the Dalradian race.

But her psychic abilities are growing and they alter her interactions will everyone. She has to decide what course of action she is going to take. Use it for her own gain and the gain of her employer or keep quiet and ignore it. But in the end, it might not matter.