New short story

I just published a short story 🙂 I got the idea for it at the beginning of the year and went with it. It’s only six thousand words and it’s US $0.99. It’s an apocalyptic science fiction story about a teenage girl whose been in quarantine on her family’s farm since the outbreak of an alien virus.



Book 3 Update

I’ve just completed the first edit of my third book 🙂 So far it’s around 30,000 words and it’s probably going to stay around that as well. I usually don’t add or take much when I edit.

I was able to do the entire thing in about 9/10 hours over the course of a day off from work. I didn’t need to do much as I think the quality of the first draft was pretty good. It was the fact that I had a rough chapter plan in place. It meant I didn’t have to worry so much about forgetting things as it was already written down.