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The Backup Girl is almost ready (I think)

It’s almost over. Since 2014 this story has been floating around in my head and been sitting in my USB. It’s been perpetually been worked on a little bit only to be pushed aside for another work that I prefer. But I’m finally in the latter stages of editing. I can’t wait for it to be out there.


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Latest The Backup Girl Edit

I think I have either editing fatigue or I’m just lazy, probably the latter. I’m doing another draft of The Backup Girl at the moment and I’m mentally done with it. How many more times do I have to go over it? But I hadn’t even touched it since last Novemeber as I wanted to give my brain some time between drafts. But there always seems to be something to fix 😦 Currently I am only half wat through this draft. I was hoping that I would have it done around this time. Now I’m hopeing to hvae it done by mid year. I’m using my holiday back to Australia as the due date for self-publication.