New to YA fantasy

I don’t think I’ve ever attempted a YA fantasy before. I’ve don’t a bit of YA and a bit a fantasy. But it wasn’t until last month that I had the idea that combined the two of them. I ran with it and after like twenty chapters am I googling the questions ‘What are the elements of YA fantasy.’

Well, I came across an article that that gives some really good points and I think my story fits in pretty well 🙂 Maybe I need to work on the world building just a tad more because I’m not sure what technology I’m going to include. I’m not sure if I should add computers or the internet yet. This world has TV and newspapers as well as wall phones. Where do I draw the line with what to include and not? As the creator, I can do whatever I like, but readers are going to pick it apart so that I need to have a good reason as to why things are there and not.

Also for a young adult fantasy, I have a lot of adult characters. One half of the storyline are adult characters while the other half is not. The story cannot be what it is without both sides so I’m going to continue with them.


I have a title for my new YA fantasy

So far I’ve written quite a bit for this story 🙂 But there have been times when I get stuck because I’m mostly pantsing it with a very rough outline of where things should head. When this happens I go back and edit what I’ve done. I find it’s very helpful setting the story in stone. And it makes me see things that need to be changed for the future plot as well. I have also found a title for it 🙂

It’s going to be called Heir Presumptive.

Look it up to meaning to get the vibe of what the story is going to focus on 🙂 I haven’t even finished this story and I’m thinking of a sequel. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I have a new fantasy YA in mind

While I was on a holiday in Germany with Chris I got the idea for a new story. It’s mostly a YA (some adult characters will have significant time) fantasy. It’s mostly split between two people with opposing lifestyles that are connected through blood to this now defunct royal family that was wiped out during a revolution thirty years prior.

This family and the other elite class (the Alauri) once had the upper hand by possessing supernatural hereditary traits such as telepathy and occasional telekinesis. With these powers, they held an iron grip on their kingdom until the populace grew too disgruntled with them and coupled with the revelation that their powers were waning, they led a revolt that resulted in their genocide. However, there were survivors that either escaped to other countries and kept themselves hidden. That’s the backdrop of the story.

What the story is currently about is about 16 year old Adria. She lives with her mum in the country where it happened and is aware that she possesses the qualities that got the ruling family murdered. However, she is falling behind in rent and decides that using her powers is the way to go. This is where things start to partially unravel for her, she gets arrested and in an act of mercy is sent off to a boarding school on a charity scholarship. It is through this event that her life changes and she starts to develop a strange friendship with another girl like her called Jane.

While at the same time the surviving members of the ruling class are starting their uprising and return to power. But then there is a hitch in their plan. The man they were planning on following, the heir apparent through blood, but born via surrogate, might not be their ticket. the is a rumour that there is another born before him and has right of leadership over him.  However, besides the rumour, there is no concrete evidence and that is causing the issue.

Who is the rightful ruler and where are they? They have to be identified before being discovered to prevent their plan from unravelling.

I’ve currently written 11,000 words and I think it’s going to be a long story. I haven’t a name for it and apart from the beginning, I don’t exactly know where it’s going to go. I think I have an ending that will lead to a sequel, but who knows.

For a while, I was thinking of making it a dystopia, but I do not think that the society as it currently stands meets the requirements. It’s definitely an unpleasant society to be in if you’re a particular person, but it’s more to do with discrimination.


9th draft of Jump Start done

iStock-669387114_1After an unproductive morning, I finally managed to start and finish another draft. I also discovered a feature on Microsoft Word that that shows how long I was editing my story for. It was, I’m not kidding you, 333 minutes. That’s five and half hours long! And in one sitting.

For the most part, it was just line edits and proofreading. There were no structural changes and it’s nearing completion. Thank God. I’m getting tired of this story and just want to move onto the next part in the story.

My new short story is available on KDP Select.

Thewitchsroom3The Witch’s Room is available on KDP Select. If you don’t have it, then it’ll cost you about 99 cents depending on where you live. This is my first time doing this and I want to see if it has any effect on my sales. I’ve read a bit about how some authors have increased sales once they use KDP Select so I’m going to try it as well.

I’m also doing a free promotion from March 22nd to the 26th. The KPD Select ends for this book on June 5 and on the 6th it’s going to be released on Smashwords.

Draft 5 of Save One complete

Beautiful-African-Woman-174795229_2560x3835_preview4largeI was able to get Chris to have a look at Save One and give me his thoughts. He said it was good, but the ending was a little off. I know that writers shouldn’t give their work to people like spouses, friends or those they’re sleeping with (three strikes for Chris), but I know he won’t mislead me on his opinion of it.

But when I was going through it after I saw so many mistakes that he hadn’t commented on. He told me that the story read good and it makes me wonder how many mistakes people notice. Becuase when I read something I think I pick up on a lot of things, but that might be because I’ve got my editing glasses on.

You can see what I did to the text. I did a lot of line and individual word editing. I expanded some scenes, I didn’t take too much out of it. It is just under 33,000 words. Maybe this will be done by mid-year? I hope that’s the case.